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Top 10 reasons why customers buy your product or service

Here's how to encourage your customers to buy from you using tried and true methods

Great copywriting uses buyer psychology to entice people to buy. But why do people buy? 

To answer this question I want to appeal to your nostalgia. Do you remember the golden age of television (showing my age here), before people learned to binge on ad-free Netflix, the type of ads they used to show? Many of the ads shown were clever, unforgettable, frivolous, and even politically incorrect. 

However, the ads were powerful, and they worked. How did they work? They used psychology to make people buy. But why do customers buy your products or how do you encourage them, you ask? Read on to find out more.

The Top 10 Reasons

Have a look at these well-known, successful ads. Try to figure out what made them popular and why they worked. 

Muscular man sprawled on the beach
Jar of vegemite spread
Automobiles forming a maze
Ivanna Trump with a milk moustache

So have you figured out why these ads worked? They worked because they appealed to the basic human needs and desires in all of us. And what are these needs and desires? 

  1. Attract the opposite sex
  2. Look good
  3. Be popular
  4. Make money or prevent losing money
  5. Save time
  6. Avoid stress or effort
  7. Escape physical pain
  8. Protect the family
  9. Have peace of mind
  10. Improve health

What this means for you and your business

Using these examples, now it’s your turn to channel your inner Don Draper and make like you’re an advertising executive, and appeal to your customer’s needs and desires to sell your product or service. It’s not as easy as it looks, and if you need help in this aspect, I’m available to help